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The woman on top sex positions give you a thrill you just don't get in any other sex position, right?

woman on top sex pictures

Vigorous pelvic thrusts always accelerate a man's journey towards orgasm, so if you want some help with stopping premature ejaculation, this may be the best sexual position to achieve that.

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The face to face variations of woman on top positions are more intimate and loving than the facing-away variations such as the ones below, so they are a great way of connecting emotionally and enjoying sex in a semi-sitting, woman on top posture.

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What's even better is that she can have her legs open or closed, which will adjust the tightness of her vagina and alter the sensations that they both enjoy.

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Couple Having Sex Woman On Top Pictures, Images and Stock Photos

Some of the best sex positions are those with the woman on top. But they're not all physical. In woman on top sex, she leads and controls the pace, riding him as she chooses! Mind you, that's true in any lovemaking position in which he can see them rhythmically moving - such a sight may even be enough to make him come quickly! Having the woman lying on top of her man is a very comfortable position for both of the partners and it can feel very loving and emotionally intimate. Woman On Top Positions If you want a bigger, clearer image, just click on the small photographs here. The sight of her buttocks rising and falling as she moves is likely to be extremely pleasurable for her man!

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