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daisy duke girl

However, as with other vehicles in the show, there are different versions of the Jeep used for filming of various episodes.

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Similarly, in the second-season episode "Duke of Duke," Daisy becomes attracted to a visiting English Duke claiming to be a distant relation of the Duke clan; she eventually finds out he is a con man and again the romance is over.

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As with her cousins, Daisy never finds a long-lasting beau of her own over the course of the series, though Deputy Enos Strate has a long-running crush on her that spans the life of the series.

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Daisy Duke

In the reunion movie , she is said to have left Hazzard to get married at some point after the original series, but is subsequently divorced. Daisy Duke is a well-meaning though sometimes naive, often scantily dressed rogue Southern belle. Views Read Edit View history. Daisy Hogg," sees Daisy falling in love and planning to marry another one of Boss's nephews, Jaimie Lee Hogg the character's only appearance in the series , although before the wedding she realises he is a villain and the marriage is called off. This section may be written from a fan's point of view , rather than a neutral point of view.

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