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Thanks sissycindylynn I had completely forgotten about writing this one I will have to add more Maybe you have read some of my others also.

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Mom called me into the bedroom where her and James were in bed.

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My little dicky was so hard in my panties, Mother had started me wearing them when I was 12 telling me that I would love them more then my boy undies and after awhile she was right.

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As I was getting up to go to the door I looked for something to wipe my face but Mom told me to go answer the door with my face glazed with their cum.

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Dad Was a Cuckold Too

Am looking forward to reading more and enjoying how mom takes control of Bobby and teaches Beth how to control him as well. As I was cleaning my cum from her hand I was looking between her legs at her leaking pussy and I was still hard as a rock. Imagine my suprise when I peeked around the corner and discovered that it was James, a Black friend of Mothers and dads that was between Mothers legs instead of dad. My gaze was focused on her pussy as I heard her say yes you are your dads mister and it looks like you had better get used to this position if Tyrone is going to keep taking Beth home after your dates. I was embarassed but also somewhat turned on watching this Black man have his way with Mother. Please, register and log in first!

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