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The birds look alike except the female has a little less white in her feathers and is slightly smaller than the male.

chasing young birds

Its scientific name, Mimuspolyglottos , means "many-tongued mimic," and the Indians called it Cencontlatolly , which means "four hundred tongues.

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It has been known to sing for more than an hour without stopping and is especially noisy on moonlit nights.

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While feeding on the ground, mockers may spread their wings to expose the white undersides.

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Chasing Young Birds

Young mockingbirds can sing, but their songs are described as "soft whisper songs. On one occasion, during an outdoor production of the symphony "Peter and the Wolf," a mockingbird added its own accompaniment to the flutist's portrayal of bird calls in the concert. They can be yellowish or buffy grays or shades of green, blue, brown, or purple. Wild fruits are a favorite whenever they are available, but the birds also may eat or damage some domestic fruits. It may take the two birds three or four days to build their nest, but the task can be finished in a single day if both birds work at a fast pace. Squabbles between mockingbirds are not uncommon when territories are being established.

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