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And in which books? Auel has some very stimulating sex. It was nice, the way the author was able to keep any sense of morality out of the mix, depicting it, at first, as merely a base, emotionless act, evolving into one of deep emotion and joy as the main character, raised by a more primitive species of early man, is finally reunited with the more highly developed clan to which she was born.

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What can I say? Louis, Missouri, as a professional zombie raiser, vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police. The early novels focus predominantly on crime-solving and action.

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The following is based on the 17 books in the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. This article contains spoilers if you have not read up to the most recent book. Read with caution if you are still reading the series.

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Hamilton Incubus Dreams delivers a highly palatable portion of what makes her series heroine, federal marshal and vampire-hunter Anita Blake, a bestseller: equal portions hot sex and supernatural crime fighting—with a dollop of old-fashioned male-female melodrama—served up in a world where new were-animals have their own crisis hotline. Filling in for a colleague, Anita travels to Philadelphia to reanimate a deceased federal witness, accompanied by Micah, her wereleopard lover. The jaunt serves as a chance for them to share some rare one-on-one time—without any of her five other lovers around—which Anita fears is not necessarily a good thing. Even worse, since her magic energy has grown unexpectedly strong, she suspects this won't be your run-of-th e-mill reincarnation.

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October 2nd,pm. Too much anatomical play-by-play i. Pornographic Twister makes for a gratuitous and repulsive reading experience and too much flowery description is downright comical.

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Discworld topped out at 45 books. Those The Cat Who… books number in the 30s. The Dray Prescot series consisted of 53 books written between andwhich is amazing for a series I never know existed until browsing TV Tropes this afternoon.

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It means to me now--only that place where the books are kept. I bought the first book of the series - Guilty Pleasures - and got immediately hooked. It took me about three days to finish the book.

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She now has people to come home to, which is nice. I'm all for people being with more than one person. But let's not kid ourselves and call what Anita has polyamory, because that would require that Anita actually care about her partners, rather than them only caring for her. And I can't help but think that with however many men Anita has tied to her, she might be getting stretched a little thin, especially given her own previous emotional and intimacy issues.

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In a world of crime and fear. Louis from all the big bads that lurk out there. In exchange for helping Jason show his mostly lesbian lady love the kind of painful fulfillment that he needs, girl-on-girl expert J.

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I believe it was either the 2nd or 4th page where I stopped reading Blood Noir. I had decided to get it from the library, and after waiting in the queue, i handed it back after only 2 pages. Good to know it got better after the first chapter.


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