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Skip navigation. Possums is a page book consisting of a series of essays written about the Virginia opossum Didelphis virginianathe only living marsupial in the US. Beginning inwhile as a graduate student, and later as an instructor at UT, Hartman captured and raised opossums.

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Read on to find out what it is, what it's for, and why you might want to wear one around your neck. Most male mammals have penis bones, but no two species' are alike. They vary widely in shape and size.

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The penis of the Philander opossum is found in post-scrotal position and attached to the schiatic arch by means of a suspensory ligament. The bulk of the penile musculature is formed by the ischio-cavernosus IC and bulbo-spongiosus BS muscles, which converge caudo-medially to join the radix penis. The paired levator penis muscles are encaised in the radix and fuse to each other ventrally to the urethra forming a long tendon.

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Early descriptions of the opossum from Capt. John Smith refer to it as such; "An Opassom hath an head like a Swine, and a taile like a Rat, and is of the bignes of a Cat. Under her belly she hath a bagge, wherein she lodgeth, carrieth, and sucketh her young"[Wikipedia].

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What is a marsupial? A marsupial is an animal belonging to the order Marsupiala, infraclass Metatheria. Members include the kangaroo, koala, Tasmanian devil and the Virginia opossum.

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The highlights are below. In his first post, Bittel describes how opossums are survival machines : They eat almost anything and are resistant to most toxins. So next they tried to kill the rats with Ricin, an extremely lethal poison made from castor beans.

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The largest order of marsupials in the Western Hemisphereit comprises or more species in 19 genera. Opossums originated in South America and entered North America in the Great American Interchange following the connection of the two continents. Their unspecialized biology, flexible diet, and reproductive habits make them successful colonizers and survivors in diverse locations and conditions.

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Problem is, he clearly knows nothing about the Virginia opossum he so loathes. But opossums, commonly called possums, do cause a chill for some when first seen — likely because of their long, naked tail and many-toothed jaws. They are not exactly the prettiest animal in the world, which may be why Rob Ford is afraid of them. They can be seen scuttling about with 13 babies clinging to a mother.

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I recently decided I should start publishing these question and answer sessions. And feel free to email me with more questions, my email is info dappercadaver. The tradition can still be found in some parts of the south, amongst carnies, and certain trucker traditions.

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If you live in North America, you've probably seen a Virginia opossum Didelphis virginiana. Maybe dead on the road or alive on your porch eating cat food in the middle of the night, but in either case, you might have thought, "Gross, it's a possum! First of all, a "possum" lives in Australia and is also a marsupial which means it raises its young in a pouch like a kangaroobut a completely different species than the one currently snuggling with a half-eaten bag of Doritos at the bottom of your curbside trash can in North Carolina, which is definitely and correctly an "opossum.


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