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Short Little Rebel posts a rebuttal to a leftist op-ed. Within 24 hours, her blog is torpedoed by Wordpress. Copy, paste and spread this far and wide, if for no other reason than to give the bird to those who would censor us.

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Weinstein dared sully the White House grounds, shrieked Breitbartthe Pravda of the Trump campaign. It is this propaganda trick that has powered the anti-anti Trump posture most of my fellow Trump-skeptical Republicans have adopted. Look over there—I think the annoying character actress from two episodes of Seinfeld just tweeted something mean!

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This pushed me to at least try it out, and I may just be hooked already. In the game you play the part of Max, a photography senior who finds she has the ability to rewind time, which comes in useful when saving her old friend Chloe from being shot by the local spoilt rich boy. There are hints throughout the game that this is the case, especially the license plate on one of the cars shouting out the shows name itself.

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But why such a difference between these long-domesticated animals? Cats have just overtaken dogs as the most popular pet in Europe, probably because they are more suited to the lives of busy people and workaholics. That being said, some cats become stressed and anxious when separated from their owners, which could be interpreted as a sign that these animals can attach to their owners in a similar way that dogs and children bond with their caregivers.

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We INTJs pride ourselves in being these stoic cyborgs. Well… at least that is the illusion we want to keep. Sometimes, though, God decides to show His sense of humor and have something happen in our environment that makes us feel these weird thing called emotions.

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Pissed-off Toff recalls the first conversation he had about immigration into the EU, in the country that was first affected by it, and fast-forwards to the situation today. Some time in the early years of this century, when it was clear that mass immigration into Europe from poorer and less civilised countries was fast becoming an issue that could not be ignored, I was having supper in a restaurant in Rome with a group of expatriates. There were six of us at the table.

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Usually that shakes out one of two ways. In the first, you agonize over each word, padding your emails with too much information, a sundae of cover-all-bases requests and hedge-your-bets recaps with an overwrought cherry of pleasantries on top. You spend way too much time crafting the perfect message when the recipient is only going to skim your soliloquy for action verbs, sort out whether they need to respond, and discard it like a flyer for Live Comedy in Times Square.

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Some take terrifying forms, some inflict horrible pain, and others lend those they possess strange powers. They have even committed and inspired murders. He became obese, gaining 60 pounds in only a few months.

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About ten years ago we had the great fortune of publishing a new series by Mr. This was incredibly exciting to me, having been a lifelong Ditko fan. Unfortunately, I did not get to interact much with Mr.

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Are you pissed off? Do you get annoyed when someone pinches you more often? When people are pissed off, they need no one around and a lonely environment so that they can feel better. You also appreciate the same, but it rarely happens as the person is already boiling at high temperature.


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