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Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception. During the procedure, the male vas deferens are cut and tied or sealed so as to prevent sperm from entering into the urethra and thereby prevent fertilization of a female through sexual intercourse. Vasectomies are usually performed in a physician's office, medical clinic, or, when performed on an animal, in a veterinary clinic—hospitalization is not normally required as the procedure is not complicated, the incisions are small, and the necessary equipment routine.

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Vasectomy, a. Female sterilization is much more common, even though vasectomy is just as effective, safer, and costs less. Fortunately, vasectomy is very safe and is done as an outpatient procedure.

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Vasectomy is a permanent male contraception or sterilisation. This page explains how the vasectomy works and tells you how to get one. When a man is sterilised, the operation is called a vasectomy.

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You can safely have sex about a week after a vasectomybut the effect on your sterility will not be complete until about three months after the procedure. You need to go through a few follow-up medical tests after your vasectomy to confirm that you cannot get your partner pregnant. In the meantime, if you are going to be sexually active within the first few months after your vasectomy, you'll need to use another method of birth control to prevent pregnancy. Most men feel soreness around the testicular area for a few days after a vasectomy.

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For more information or appointments: Vasectomy is 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and can be an appropriate birth control option for those who are not planning more children or those who have decided not to have them. If you or your partner have anxiety about the procedure, relax, says Michael J.

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If you're a woman who has sex with men, it's easy to feel like you spend more time dealing with inconvenient contraceptives or their unpredictable side effects than you do actually having sex — so the idea of having a male partner with a vasectomy sounds like winning the pants-party lottery. In the public imagination, a vasectomy is a minimally invasive and easily reversible surgery with no side effects, one that is percent effective as birth control — and any man who refuses to get one must just be feeling a little too precious about having a doctor meddle with his testicles. But is any of that true?

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Ryan Berglund, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Vasectomies are incredibly effective. Men have a less than 1 percent chance of getting a partner pregnant after this procedure.

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The Public Education Council improves the quality of resources the Foundation provides. The Council serves to develop, review and oversee the educational materials and programs the Foundation provides. Charitable Gift Planning is a powerful way to ensure your legacy in advancing urologic research and education to improve patients' lives. We provide free patient education materials on urologic health to patients, caregivers, community organizations, healthcare providers, students and the general public, pending availability.

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You doctor should review these possible complications with you before performing the procedure. Some men may report chronic scrotal pain following vasectomy. This pain can range from dull and aching to sharp.


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