Largest vulva on record

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Around the World The longest vaginal lips. Around the world finding women who have the longest vaginal lips. From each corner of the globe, we can find women from all walks of life with varied labia size.

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The largest vagina ever recorded is thought to have belonged to seven-foot eight-inch Anna Swana long-legged Scottish temptress who once plopped out a pound baby, the biggest bambino recorded in world history. The annals of medicine are crammed with accounts of women whose functional adult vaginas were less than an inch in depth. Other women are born with little dents in the pubic area rather than fully developed vaginas.

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In the largest study on vulva shape to date, researchers from the Cantonal Hospital Lucerne in Switzerland took genital measurements of women ranging from 15 to 84 years old. All were in good health and none were pregnant at the time. Outer labia, for example, ranged between about half an inch 1. The only trends the researchers found was that older women tended to have shorter inner labia and perinea the distance between the vulva and anusand that women with higher BMIs tended to have larger outer labia and vaginal entryways.

Perhaps she was hoping it would become the next Olympic sport. I mean, the Olympics included greased pole climbing and mud fights, so why not hurdling with swim fins? Regardless of her motivations, Zheng Da Zong Yi holds the record for the fastest hundred meter hurdle wearing swim fins with a time of

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I feel like the wide-set vagina chick from Mean Girls. You know the one:. An ex of mine used to make fun of the size of my vagina.

Silke Spiegelburg should hold a sex world record Sex records are difficult to verify because so many record breaking events occur behind closed doors. That and when it comes to sexual prowess or genital size, a certain amount of boasting is expected. Some of the below sex records are more accurate than others, but most are based on some degree of sound evidence.

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Have you ever wanted to set a world record by performing some impressive feat? Maybe you own the longest eyelashes or can eat a ridiculous amount of ice cream in one sitting. There are loads of world records to be smashed, but some are a bit more x-rated. From the world's largest vagina to the longest ejaculation and the biggest orgy, here are six of the strangest sex world records.

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Based on this list, we cannot decide if being the Guinness World Record fact-checker would be the coolest job or the most shocking. With the same lady cricket. BTW, we really hope they use cricket lube.

Do you ever worry about what your labia is "supposed" to look like? Ever get insecure that your labia just don't look. That maybe they're uneven, or the wrong color, or.


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