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The Bachelor lovebirds went into graphic detail about their sex life during a risque radio interview with Kyle and Jackie O this morning. Chelsie talks about a rumour that during the season some of the women decided to compare their private parts. The Bachelor lovebirds were grilled about their sex life in a graphic, X-rated interview on radio this morning.

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This breath-taking blonde showed her guy that she knows a thing or two about sucking a cock dry before she mounted him and bobbed up and down on his hard dick. She loved the way his bony hip ground into her hips and made her cum. He then finished her off by reaming her repeatedly from behind and then flipped her over to shoot a load of cum into her face.

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Kyle Sandilands: Apparently Media Watch has got all their little knickers in a twist, their big granny undies in a twist because they can't believe over at the ABC where they're all wearing the fawn cardigans that we're over here having fun flashing around some boobs and willies. I wish! But we're not the only ones who've been wondering out loud recently about 2Day FM's sense of fun.

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On Monday morning, Jackie 'O' Henderson apologised to KIIS FM listeners for sounding "flat" on air in the past week and revealed it was due to the tragic passing of a colleague's four-year-old son. The whole team at KIIS was deeply affected by the news with Jackie confirming they are like a "family" and that staff members had attended Tate's funeral on Saturday. Jackie O revealed, "[DB's] four-year-old son Tate died in his sleep and it was completely unexpected and we don't know why. And it has hit us all really hard and we've tried every day to go on air and carry on because DB would never want us to take a day off.

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Always wanted to live like a Kennedy? The elegant and classic Cape Cod-style main house and two-story guest house were designed by renowned architect Hugh Newell Jacobson, who completed the renovation in When she found Red Gate Farm, it was a perfect expression of her romantic and adventurous spirit.

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Although both men were offering to help the mum-of-one find an eligible bachelor, she turned down the opportunity admitting she's not quite ready to move on. I'm not there yet. I'm really happy with what I'm doing now.

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The high priestess of performance art arrives in the midst of cultural emergencies armed with monologues, paintings, books, music and memorials. She first performed the piece five years ago, but its relevance is continually updated with each fresh human tragedy that publicly unfolds in our increasingly connected world. The recent attacks in Paris, for example, will be addressed, Finley says.

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That is a weird opening question. Are you not listening to what I say about football? Will I be subjected to this every week?

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Influencer Jackie Oshryknown as Jackie O, has announced that she will not be apologising for controversial comments she made about shootings being less likely to happen in expensive movie theatres. However, the year-old instead attempted to explain her reasoning in a Facebook comment - by making the point that shooters would likely choose a theatre where tickets cost less money. And you can get that experience somewhere else," she said.

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Radio announcers Kyle Sandilands, 45, and Jackie 'O' Henderson, 42, starred in the hilarious viral video, which sees both performing sexually suggestive movements. With the up-beat hit 'Sexual' by Nikeid blaring in the background, Kyle is seen standing in the radio studio sucking on a pacifier while pretending to pleasure himself while looking at the latest Maxim magazine. Radio announcers Kyle Sandilands, 45, and Jackie 'O' Henderson, 42, have starred in a hilarious viral video, which sees both performing sexually suggestive movements. Fortuitously, the magazine happens to feature his girlfriend Imogen Anthony on the cover.


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