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Yes, really. Last night Nickelodeon aired the finale of the animated spin-off series The Legend of Korrabringing a nine-year journey that started with Avatar: The Last Airbender to a close. Because, in an unprecedented move, Nickelodeon pulled The Legend of Korra off TV earlier this year and screened almost the entire last two seasons online only.

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It's a challenge between myself and Rorschach-yaoilover1. Hope you all like it because I enjoyed writing it. I sat alone in my dark gloomy cell, staring vacantly at the expanse of cinderblocks and plates of steel in front of me.

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There are several main comics which take place shortly after ATLA. Check the FAQ for more details. Server is community run.

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The Last Airbender is a American action - adventure fantasy film written, co-produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Development for the film began in

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Aang AKA Cloudwalker - Aang was raised in a Tibetan orphanage, and with no knowledge on who his parents were, when he eventually started flying everyone came to assume that he was a mutant. Through constant training and determination she soon became ranked among the most powerful and dangerous superhumans in the world, especially since the other Atlanteans retreated from the surface in light of the people hunting them, leaving Katara as the only hydrokinetic above the sea. Realising his son will have to go but also deciding to get some use out of him, Ozai subjects Zuko to a blast from an extremely unstable mutation ray which overloads and explodes, scarring Zuko and causing him to develop incredibly powerful but uncontrollable pyrokinesis, which he used to blast free of the facility.

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Rather AU. Notes: The notes are at the end of this because I don't want to make people wade through all that before the actual fic. However, I have a really long disquisition, in no small part because I don't want anyone to assume that I think that gay people can force themselves to be straight or something.

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Net Aug 15, am Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Since the LGBTQ community has been realized in LOK, and some other characters in the series have been mentioned as being queer in staff interviews after the show finale - Do you think any of the original characters, if the show were made now with more allowances given to diversity of characters, would be portrayed as something other than straight? Thread title edited to make it clear that it's discussing the animated series and not the movie.


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