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They're small, creepy and suck your blood. Every parent dreads it, but it's inevitable -- the "lice letter. Often, there is a stigma that a person with lice is dirty or doesn't keep their house clean.

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Give us a call: Because these pests cannot fly or jump, they rely on contact with infested hair to move between people. In many cases, the insects pass to a new host via clothes, hairbrushes, or bedding.

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Head lice are small, wingless, blood-sucking insects. They live in the hair on your head and feed off the blood from your scalp. A louse a single adult is about the size of a sesame seed.

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Where does head lice come from? It is believed that head lice have been around since the beginning of time, dating all the way back to the Egyptians. These parasites do not come from the dirt, through the air, or in the water. They are born and bred through other head lice.

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The amount of blood drunk by a head louse in a single feeding session is very small - from 0. This equates to: blood per day ml or blood per week ml or blood per year ml. Quantification of blood intake of the head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis.

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Head lice Pediculus capitis infestations remain a pesky communicable problem, particularly in school-age children in Canada and elsewhere 1. Unlike body lice, head lice are not a health hazard, a sign of uncleanliness or a vector for disease. This update to the statement 3 highlights changes in the head lice treatment products available in Canada, reports treatment failures, and reviews recent studies that provide evidence and rationale for management recommendations.

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Head lice dehydrate fast. This is because they have a different fluid balance to most other bloodsucking insects. Normally, many bloodsucking insects get rid of their surplus water via their urine or faeces — this is not the case for the head louse.

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Head lice live solely on the scalp of humans where the conditions are optimal for their survival. They have a component of their mouth through which they suck in blood from the scalp. The blood enters the mouth of the louse and then moves down to the intestines whereby the louse can extract the nutritional ingredients it needs to live.

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Healthy living is the key to a healthy, happier, longer life. Get fit, lose weight, feel great! See our tips for better health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.

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If your head itches you may have lice. If your head itches, your doctor or pharmacist may say that you have Pediculus humanus capitis. But don't worry; this means you have LICE!!!! As we have already mentioned, lice are insects, and like many insects, they are small.


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