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David Fincher tinkers with F. Scott Fitzgerald and turns a story of a man who ages backward into a sweeping romantic epic that spans over 70 years of history. Pitt is too good looking to be a believable dramatic lead, went the reasoning.

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Actor Cate Blanchett, a major Oscar contender for her role in lesbian romance Carol has revealed that she watched her first sex scene in third grade when her parents took her to see the risque film Silver Streak. My parents took me, I think I was in third grade. She started to kiss him.

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Blanchett got her start in native Australia, where steady stage and television roles eventually landed her in films Paradise Road and Oscar and Lucindaboth releases. It was only a year later that Elizabeth put her on the road to household name status, which was followed up with a mix of comedies Pushing Tinliterary thrillers Talented Mr. Ripleyand dramas Charlotte Gray.

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Cate Blanchett is a respected actress, but that doesn't mean that men are oblivious to her sleek body of work. Yes, she moves seamlessly from one role to the next, but her alluring figure, small-breasted sexiness, and chiseled features can't be ignored. But it's her turn as a cherry that really straightens our stem.

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This article contain spoilers. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a striking anomaly in his filmography as the allure of the project makes some sense, but the execution is a lush, unabashed romance bubbling with mawkish sentiment. The movie is graceful, beautiful, poetic, and yet oddly distant.

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R emove "curious" from the title and replace it with "twee and pointless", and you're close to it. What a incredible shaggy-puppy of a movie, a cobweb-construction patched together with CGI, prosthetics, gibberish and warm tears. And, at two hours and 40 minutes, it really does go on for an incredibly long time.

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Is it the seamlessly blended amber and caramel colors, the slowly gliding camera work? Or is it the sentiments that fall like flakes of wet snow into the dialogue? As you may have noticed, was not a great year for movies. Unfortunately, as he grows up he metamorphoses into Ralph Fiennes, and Fiennes, who seems to have made a career out of anguished sensitivity, suffers so passively and silently when his old girlfriend is put on trial that you want to hard-elbow him back into life.

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CB: Yes! Both were with Brad [Pitt], actually. The Babel shoot in Morocco was three weeks of unmitigated dust!

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GROWING old is a subject American movies have largely avoided since the s, when the commercial triumphs of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas made it clear that there was money to be made in never-never land — that world of the adolescent imagination where no one ever matures and death exists only as a punch line. Instead, abandoned by his wealthy father and taken in by Queenie Taraji P. Hensonan African-American attendant at a New Orleans home for the elderly, he begins to age in reverse.