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This was a lot of fun, I took a few notes for how to flirt with men and the pre-sex videos made me so hot!

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Today hit all of my hotspots bondage, objectification, roughness, depersonalization, forced sex and more.

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The three that stick out were one where two guys were taking a girl at night in the grounds around the hotel, one where a meditation session ended up as an orgy and then a final BJ one of the women gave a guy when he was sleeping.

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I managed to fit it all in no pun intended.

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After these, I was chatting to Goddess again as she gave me my Tuesday task and there were more videos of my new idol.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Just standing in them is uncomfortable, walking is very hard and stopping too quickly leads to me almost falling over but I love them SO MUCH. What I was watching were videos where women were hypnotized and controlled. Goddess wanted proof of course , I took some pictures in the changing rooms I was pretty nervous about getting caught doing it! This was a pretty staggering session that really hit my feelings of objectification. Finally I was ready and after some minor fiddling to get my camera working I was live. Goddess told me it would be intense and I sat down to watch the first half of the episodes and was really looking forward to it. The suffering made me feel a little better but I know I need to make a serious effort next month to make it up to Goddess.

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  1. lol sorry dude I just don't like her at all. she always looks like she's a mile high, her face irritates me and the rest I've already said