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Also very much into her vidya games and whatnot!

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How dare you say this… I will not hear it even if it is true ;.

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In lots of video games and in Farscape!

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A must-have for the next list!

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Is she gonna geek out on us?

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The 20 Hottest Nerds to Ever Grace the Big and Small Screen

Michelle Boyd, the "Stupid, tall hot chick" from The Guild. Let's celebrate the ones in the room :. Here at Geeks are Sexy, we pride ourselves on knowing what constitutes a genuine sexy geek girl. She has a neuroscience background and is a gamer. Some teenage girls want to be actresses. Also very much into her vidya games and whatnot!

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  1. ugh her voice is like a bunch of pots and pans being thrown down a stairwell,

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