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Jack Bloomfield is 17 years old - and this kid is going places. He has deals to close, a business to build, and above all else, money to make. With nothing but perseverance, he's made it work with money that he's earned all by himself - with no help from his parents.

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Emma and Jo from our Parents Helpline discuss their top six tips for parents on dealing with difficult teens and young adults. Staying behind closed bedroom doors, minimal communication, constantly on social media or playing video games… these are common behaviours often attributed to teenagers and young adults. As a parent or carer of an older teen or young adult, it can be difficult to know how to respond to their behaviour at times.

She found that while much had been written about teen psychology and parenting, no one had explained the neurons and cerebral connections that make those years such a unique — and terrifying — part of growing up. The teenage brain has only recently become a subject for serious research, which shows how little was known about it. Without a doubt, says Jensen, who thinks that her research allowed her to be more patient with her sons. Given that the relationship between parents and teenagers is one of the most fraught in family life, we asked readers to send in questions for Jensen to tackle.

But the brain still needs a lot of remodelling before it can function as an adult brain. Some brain changes happen before puberty, and some continue long after. Brain change depends on age, experience and hormonal changes in puberty.

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Tantrums, defiance, moodiness, intense emotions, impulsive and reckless conduct. Sometimes it may be hard to believe, but no, your teenager is not an alien being from a distant planet. Your teen may be taller than you and seem mature in some respects, but often they are simply unable to think things through on an adult level.

Teenage pregnancyalso known as adolescent pregnancyis pregnancy in a female under the age of Pregnant teenagers face many of the same pregnancy related issues as other women. There are additional concerns for those under the age of 15 as they are less likely to be physically developed to sustain a healthy pregnancy or to give birth.

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We all know that some entrepreneurs get rich quick, but still others do it even while they're young. Quite a few of them are making their first million before they're even of legal drinking age. While most teens spend their youth honing work skills in entry-level jobs, whether that's slinging fast food or working retail, others get that spark to succeed at an early age. There's no shortage of useful advice out there to help even the very young make strong business decisions.

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Online dating is no longer popular only among adults. Young girls and boys in their 15 years old also want to date. They think that the Internet is a great place.

Suicidal ideation describes thoughts, fantasies, ideas or images related to committing suicide. This term is also sometimes referred to as suicidal thoughts. The word ideation is defined as forming or entertaining ideas.


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