Breast augmentation anatomical vs round

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Placement of breast implants: the dotted red line indicates the pectoralis major muscle, breast implants can be located above the muscle, partial sub-muscular dual-plane or completely sub-muscular not shown. Dual Plane Breast Augmentation. A modern surgical technique where the implant is placed in two anatomical planes simultaneously - partially behind the pectoralis major muscle upper part and partially behind the glandular tissue lower part.

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Shape is an important consideration when choosing between different types of silicone breast implants. Breast implants are available in two shapes: round and anatomical. The outside shell of the Natrelleand other anatomical implants, is textured to prevent the implant from shifting or rotating position after being placed in the body.

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Fortunately, Dr. Edelstein can help you make the right choice by assessing your body, discussing your goals, and recommending the right type of implant to use in achieving your dream results. As their descriptive names suggest, round implants have a more circular shape than the teardrop profile of the anatomical style.

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Anna Wooten. Researching breast implant shapes can seem complicated, but, in our office, we make it simple. In consultation, Dr. Wooten will help you explore your options.

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A lot of people believe that breast implants only come in two different types, saline and silicone. There is actually a variety of breast implant types that all offer a unique set of benefits. Saline implants are silicone casings that are filled with a sterile solution of saltwater.

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This decision will raise many questions for Canadians who have textured breast implants. Patients are advised to have a thorough discussion with their plastic surgeon about the risks and benefits of their implant type should they have any concerns with their implants. We encourage you to speak with your plastic surgeon should you have questions or concerns regarding your implants.

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Too often surgeons tend to have a preference of their own, and commercial companies almost always tend to oversimplify and restrict patients to round implants. The information should enable patients to make an informed choice about their implants, once they have discussed their specific goals with an experienced surgeon. Anatomical implants have a shell in silicone elastomer and can be filled with silicone gel or saline solution.

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Call us now on Society is learning to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes and rightly so! The classic round implant is widely used by cosmetic surgeons in the UK. Round shaped implants can help you achieve a fullness in the top part of the breast for a more proportionate and curvaceous figure.

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One of the most frequently asked questions in breast surgery is about the difference between round and anatomical implants. It is possible to achieve excellent results with both but indications for round or anatomical implants are different. It creates smooth upper pole and overall non-operated look.

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Jul 5, Your Surgery. For many women, choosing breast augmentation surgery is a life-changing, exciting and very personal journey. In order to achieve your desired shape and reach your personal goals it a good idea to have a good look at the options available and the possible outcomes to enhance your breast surgery.


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