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worgen rule 34

So they get a physical transformation for no physical reason?

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In addition, as children are smaller with proportionally less blood in their bodies, which means they could bleed out faster.

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Originally Posted by Lord Cenarius.

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The curse having an effect and being within them, and being in their blood shows that the curse itself is physical. Originally Posted by halmotors. It thereby stands to reason that, since the people of Gilneas are genetically werewolves who can merely take human form, further children born to Gilneans would also be Worgen. Plus, the whole worgen thing started a few years before Cataclysm, unless the curse has massively increased the length of prenancy to Dwarven levels , they're likely be infants who have the curse already. Given the very apparent time gap between the population of Gilneas become afflicted with the Worgen curse and the current state of Cataclysm, it stands to reason that there could and probably should be Worgen children.

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