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Kanji is a calligraphy style writing used by the Japanese.

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The client became feverish and the pain and swelling would keep her from getting much sleep.

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Japanese tattoo designs are wealthy in symbolism.

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But the symbolic fortification of the body did not end with tattoos and girdles.

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When it comes to choosing a dragon tattoo, let your imagination fly, as there is no concern of making it look realistic. These highly visible tattoos usually took the form of a black ring around the arm; with rings added as convictions increased. Within the hearth was kindled fire, and within the fire was the home of an important deity who served as mediator between all Ainu gods — Fuchi. Wives, mistresses and girlfriends of top Yakuza figures often undergo extensive tattooing. Weave structure of three, five, and seven-strand upsor girdles. For example, you could have a sentence written using Hiragana that includes various Kanji symbols to enrich it with greater meaning. If you are a tattoo lover, then you are bound to be enticed by them all!

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