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The changeling reduces lactic acid buildup in their leg muscles, allowing them to move at extremely fast speeds.

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Because the suit is made up of the changeling's flesh, it provides no damage resistance and can be injected directly into with syringes.

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Inflates the changeling's body into an all-consuming chitinous mass of armor.

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Costs 1 evolution point and uses 25 chemicals.

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Chimera Powers

Allows to the changeling to make use of additional adrenaline to instantly recover from knockdown but no other status effects. You can't use this to transform people into plasmamen. It can also be used to pry open doors when on harm intent powered ones will take longer. This cannot be detected by normal means. Inflates the changeling's flesh into a huge, bulky, spaceworthy mass of pressure and temperature-resistant organic tissue to facilitate space travel. Changelings may sometimes instead have a special Team Objective that is given to all changelings in the round. It can then return to human form by using Human Form.

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