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She gave me a guilty look, then looked at her client.

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If dirty turns her on, I'll make sure she is the dirtiest piece of ass in the neighborhood.

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If she is horny, its because she likes being here and is looking forward to performing!

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In the meantime, the my wife's client had tied her leash to the pole at his table.

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Though she was good looking, she didn't look like a stripper. She was holding the pole with one hand, arching backwards and pressing her crotch against the pole, one leg on either side. They had tops which showed their cleavage and much of their nice stomaches as well. I couldn't see a single one that I didn't instantly want to fuck. She is a girl who works here, thats all. I spotted Pamela being dragged into a corridor at the other end of the room, before they disappeared behind a curtain. Looking around the room at the hostesses, I saw that all of them wore collars of some sort.

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  1. Ahhhh okay okay !! Got me nervous there !! haha

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