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Moegi stops him before he goes on for too long, smiling slyly and saying that Konohamaru always went on forever whenever he talked about the seventh hokage.

konohamaru x moegi

Moegi's and Konohamaru's teams are given a dual assignment to protect a group of actors while they filmed their show.

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Naruto is watching as well, from the window.

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Moegi and Konohamaru go out drinking together while they discuss whether or not their genin students are ready to take the chunin exam along with Shino and Udon.

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The End Movie

Later, during class, Moegi, Konohamaru, and Shino sit together and evaluate students in an obstacle course. The three are among the first to welcome Naruto back to the village. Konohamaru performs his sexy jutsu to show off his progress to Naruto. Moegi and Konohamaru attend the Academy's entrance ceremony alongside other teachers, during which they are mortified to see Boruto crash a train into Hokage Rock. The three have just returned from successful retrieving a cat on their mission.

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