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Now you can open Green Trinity points, and you've got the Genie summon.

kingdom hearts jasmine

Climb the pole, and there you are at Aladdin's place.

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Climb up the crates to where Jafar was standing.

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There's an awful lot of them, and their defensive abilities can be a pain, but Sora shouldn't have a hard time taking them out.

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Jasmine - Kingdom Hearts Coded Kingdom Hearts II Princess Jasmine Aladdin

The object is to take out Iago, who flies around the shifting floors holding Jafar's lamp. As before, jump across the window shutters to get to the Alley and Aladdin's House. At Aladdin's house, the Magic Carpet sits in a corner next to a chest of drawers. Swim into the waterfall by the save point to enter the Silent Chamber, and go down the next waterfall to the right to continue from there. Now, time for another fight.

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