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Just when you think you've seen it all, somebody comes along with a new story, masturbation technique, or orgasm style that we've never seen before.

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This is what we talk about during the breaks between takes, at the briefing session with new contributors, around the office, and in the pub after work.

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To any woman who actually experiences vaginal ejaculation, the doubters are hugely insulting.

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What we were seeing was ejaculation.

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Authentic Female Orgasms

Click to enlarge to actual video size. She accepted our offer and had such a great time, she flew home to sell her stuff and came back to work here, and is your gracious hostess as well as one of the site's most prolific and popular contributors. Imagine you are this woman; you like to turn people on, and you aren't at all shy about your body. Men are mostly quite polarised in their sexuality, but for many, many liberated women, the tags 'straight' or 'gay' are meaningless. The most important thing about the videos on Ifeelmyself. We do this to give the ladies the space and comfort to really relax and masturbate to intense orgasm as if they were all alone.

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