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Branching out from your mundane masturbatory routine and opening your mind to different climax methods will allow you to achieve greater pleasure and make you a better lover.

hands free male orgasm video

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This type of orgasm occurs when a man is stimulated through climax without the use of traditional masturbation or physical contact with his hands.

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This step is necessary for masturbation or sex of any kind.

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Beducated Guide to Experience the Hands-Free Male Orgasm

This focus will increase blood flow to your pelvic region and begin your hands-free experience. Male orgasms come in all shapes and sizes. Step 4 Think Dirty Thoughts As things start to heat up, hit play or begin reading the erotica while continuing to focus intently on your penis. For active, healthy, sexually-inclined men, erectile dysfunction ED can be a total drag, to say Let your mind lead your body to an elevated hands-free masturbatory experience. Que up some video porn or sexy audio.

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