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That was so much more trouble than it's worth.

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Here honey, you lie down and I — oh wait, the troll hair slipped off.

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Could have done this without asking a fat man in a sex store, "Do you carry handcuffs?

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Hang on, it just slides over the metal like a sock.

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Does "go first" mean he's handcuffed to something and I'm doing stuff or I'm handcuffed to something and he's doing stuff? Because I definitely don't have those! Buying these in a sex shop is like totally normal, right? I guess I'll just pretend like I can't move them even though this is only, like, 10 percent being restrained. Apparently I could have slithered out of these at any moment. Here's Your Weekend Sex 'Scope.

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  1. He died of a snake bite if I'm not mistaken?