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He reads ALL the bedtime stories, even when they are a newborn.

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You were so excited to tell jesse that you flew out of your shared quarters in only your pjs.

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He rebuked it harshly initially, stating that his sins were too many, his burdens and enemies too heavy and dangerous to warrant such a slice of happiness.

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Your hip rested against the doorframe of your bedroom door, a small smile resting on you lips as you watched Jack walk back and forth with Lily.

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He kept busy to try and distract himself from the fact that you were pregnant, despite getting literally anything you asked for.

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Screaming internally over how adorable you areā€¦ as well as freaking out over being a dad. You went into labour early, much earlier than either of you had expected. He hated pictures but if it was with his baby girl, he guessed that would be fine. Hanzo had been apprehensive at the start, not because of any prejudice towards Omnics but rather the reputation that preceded both men. You had seen this really cute stuffed bear you liked?

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