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It is only natural, she thinks, that this is the place in which her child is created.

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Risk of infection, or because they find it distasteful?

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Her pelvis knows, her womb and her breasts.

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It has to be a secret between her and her unborn child.

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They pause at the base of the round globe that stretches out below. Her hands want to orbit the globe. Her breasts stand boldly out from the trunk, each with one brown eye meeting the gaze of the mirror. The women who did have orgasms, according to one study, experienced shorter second stages of labour and were less likely to need forceps…Orgasmic women who are at ease with their sexuality have quicker, less complicated labours. The period of blissful relaxation that may follow orgasm is calming and energizing and will produce a glowing love-energy for your baby.

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