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Something I see on porn blogs that I'm so interested in is having a natural gape.

natural gape tumblr

Re: Can I get natural gape?

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I wore a butt plug some times maximum 9 to 10 hours it makes my asshole loose and little bit gape for sometimes but not as how you say like in the porn.

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The transition to being anal only can take time and while some women may need clitoral stimulation along the way, the long term goal for many is typically to train the body to achieve orgasm from anal sex alone.

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Having my ass gape, pictures of others gaping, etc. Everyone has their own little take on what anal only means to them, and the only thing that is strictly not allowed in the lifestyle is vaginal penetration. And it wouldn't feel as good to either of us. May be it is a porn magic who knows. Got my girlfriend to wear one overnight sometimes but it doesn't have any long term effect that i can see.

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