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Nozomi has become less agile, due to building muscle from her vacuum butt cannon move, so she is given special training where a rope is tied around her waist and the stem of a turnip, and she needs to pull it up by moving her buttocks and hips quickly, without breaking off the stem.

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Nozomi and her roommates all advance to the elite class; Kazane, despite losing, had performed well and cornered Mio, which was why Mio used hypnosis, a move she was banned from using.

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A proof of concept video showed a match in action and the league planned to scout for interested parties and venues for play. The students are told what fighting style suits them — infighter, outfighter or counter — and do exercises. The anime is produced by Xebec. Archived from the original on November 4, Aoba seems to struggle, but eventually reveal her power, that she can copy the signature moves of any girl's butt she touches, including Butt Gatling and Meteor Hip.

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