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They couldn't resist the temptation, they began to have sex.

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Natia thinks that love is her life all the time.

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But she used to be in love with the guy who didn't let her be posing nude.

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Once she came to Galitsin's studio with Natia.

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The girls didn't notice anyone.

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And you will see quite a few photos with Natia outdoors. Natia - Galitsin Mosteroticteens. Grig was surprised, because Natia was the same girl he had seen in the restaurant before. At first the photographer was surprised, but then he took his camera and began to shoot a video. The models have always wanted to have a sex with each other, but they couldn't find a suitable place. This feature helps her a lot in her life - everyone pays attention to her and asks: "Did you play in films? Natia has always dreamed of being famous, so it was a real luck for her.

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