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Pride- The story of an unlikely alliance between striking miners in a Welsh village and London gay rights activists.

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Main characters include a bi man, a gay man, and a trans woman.

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Victor knows people only want him as what they see when he performs.

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The Raven Cycle 3 book series - A group of boys and a girl who serves as a psychic amplifier try to find and awaken a Welsh king.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Usually my metas tend to be angsty af and then end on a hopeful note, and this will probably be no exception. Victor knows people only want him as what they see when he performs. Also, Shane is the prince of Hell and used to pose as a fucking priest, and I love that. A 12 year old Victor with his first real crush, staring at a pretty boy with darker hair and kind eyes in one of his classes or at the rink. Victor starts to wonder if there is a prince out there for him. Which may not seem like a lot but we have 12 episodes and if something is pointed out twice in a story, it has some amount of significance. Six of Crows two book series - A gang of thieves take on their most ambitious job yet- stealing a magic-enhancing drug.

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