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It turns out Metro Man's weakness was copper as it drains his power, and when Megamind's death ray hits, it kills the hero and Megamind takes over the city.

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Roxanne in the meantime, creeps behind Titan to knock him out with a signpost but abandons that plan and runs when Megamind goes flying and Titan comes after her.

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After Megamind chases Titan off, Roxanne turns off his disguise so that everyone can see who their real hero was.

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She is very strong-minded and she is very determined, so when she decides on doing something, she will do it.

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However, he won't be helping them because he was done being a hero.

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Roxanne Ritchi

She and "Bernard" date for awhile until she accidentally finds out his true identity during their last date. However, she isn't reckless, she will call for and accept help if the situation calls for it. Despite being sarcastic at times, she truly believes in the goodness of people. However, Titan comes back and realizes that it was Megamind and not Metro Man because of Megamind's mispronunciation. She is also very smart, and usually figures things out rather quickly.

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