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Thou and thy giffified friends are delightfully mad, mad, mad, I tell you!

natalie portman the professional gif

Thats okay, because she creates some awesome digital stories.

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The GIFs I did tonight were ripped from clips I found on YouTube- one actually a movie video put to a Beck song , a clip of the fall scene and the family shooting , and the door scene where Leon lets Mathilda in.

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I did not do too much except fiddle with timing of frames- I start by making them all 0.

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It totally breaks the plot, that editing out of 34 minutes.

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Natalie portman mathilda leon the professional GIF

Notify me of new posts by email. Even the shot of Gary Oldman above is sort of a one point perspective shot. And one more for the GIF pile, in a scene near the end, Stansfield emerges from the shadows with a gun, and the camera work moves a shallow depth of field focus from his face to the gun end, so he is blurred. And this is a bit of a tease at her, and I know she is a good sport right Sandy? If he does not open the door… no movie. Leon is looking for you, Sandy Brown Jensen! Maybe it is a statement to wonder about, because in many fields, not just hit men, we aspire to this high level of being a professional, but what cost does it make to be that skilled?

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  1. Anyone got the Freakmob video she did with Tank?