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But when left the kitchen she took a pause at the door looked around in my direction and gave me a wink of the eye.

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I was about to ruin their celebration but instead I froze.

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Again the little head won out as my body slipped in-between those extended legs awaiting my dick.

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She sat on the edge of the bed looking at me closing her eyes for a few seconds constantly as I turned the lamp off.

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What an asshole I was, not only had I fucked my sister I let loose with sperm, what the Hell was wrong with me what if I impregnated her?

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That was not normal, getting excited by your sister is distorted. About eleven Betty came trudging down the stairs. But her arms were holding me tightly as I pushed her up the stairs only made it worse. I was about to ruin their celebration but instead I froze. Shit, her head was only a few inches from my hard-on. Rob was attempting to pound the crap out of her but the poor guy was a little too intoxicated. I was one happy camper and would have been vastly content with a nice hand job.

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