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We have to be more slowly aroused," she explained, "whereas men tend to be like microwaves: They can be turned on fast and the goal is orgasm.

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Why is it always the woman who's orgasming?

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From the perfectly arched back to the mouth that stays delicately pretty even when it's moaning, TV's classic O-face would have you believe every woman looks, sounds and acts exactly the same during sex.

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Plus, some women don't even have to orgasm to find pleasure in sex.

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This Is What Hollywood Keeps Getting Wrong About the Female Orgasm

We're still waiting for accurate female depictions, not to mention more male faces to balance things out. Why can't we do it so quickly? Lindholm said that trying to make yourself have an "Academy Award-winning" orgasm can actually prevent you from climaxing at all. It's official: Actresses are getting tired of doing "the orgasm face. It's a cycle," Joyrich said. Why is it always the woman who's orgasming? Increasingly, movies and shows are choosing to depict a range of female sexual expressions.

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