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Samus steps in and attempts to win over the pirate by unifying the two of them as "humanoids"; however, the pirate merely scoffs at the notion.

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He argues why they killed everyone.

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Immediately upon learning about the danger facing Zebes, Samus rushes out of the interrogation room to the hangar, intent on saving Zebes and the Chozo.

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Another one of the Chozo called Grey Voice , told Old Bird to get on with the reason they came there.

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Gamers respect Samus too much to picture her naked?

Meanwhile, a Space Pirate ship was near the planet. Later, they meet up with their chief, Hardy. A small flying droid, the eye of Mother Brain , watched Samus and said that because she was human, she would only last a few days on the planet. However, at this moment, the Space Pirate mothership hovers over Zebes , breaking the planet's defenses with a micro black hole. Samus catches a glimps of her pet Pyonchi, and the three of them follow it into a cave.

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