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digimon kari and gatomon

Gatomon began to explain what's been going on.

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Gatomon was cold and collected when she worked for Myotismon due to the abuse she had went through.

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One day when Kari was sending mean messages to Patrick and Gabrielle, she ran away and Gatomon chased after her getting hit by a bus and was taken to the Digital Hospital by DemiVeemon.

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Digimon - Gatomon Patamon Kari Kamiya Digimon World

Hamsterviel and Gantu kept attempting to capture Gatomon, but she was protected by her partner and Patrick. Today, when she was standing next to Kari, Gantu grabbed her and placed her in a cage along with Patamon. But Rika apologized for Kari's aggressive behavior and left with her partner, Renamon. She faced the Digimon Emperor, but was injured by him in the process. Kari was worried about her partner's safety and got Patrick to help her rescue her and Patrick did.

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