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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT youth in Russia face formidable barriers to enjoying their fundamental rights to dignity, health, education, information, and association. The law has also had a stifling effect on access to affirming education and support services, with harmful consequences for LGBT youth. It targets vulnerable sexual and gender minorities for political gain.

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They believe that the United States Constitution and the California Constitution protect these religious beliefs and their right to express them. Related: Wedding video company refuses a lesbian couple because their religion says gays make bad parents. Hodgson suggested a compromise: The actual wedding ceremony could take place elsewhere, while the reception could happen at Viaggio.

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I have maintained from the beginning that the battle between homosexuality and religious liberty is a zero-sum game. Somebody wins and somebody loses. Every advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty.

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The U. Defense Department says it has told military recruiters to begin processing applications from potential recruits who state they are homosexual. Tuesday's announcement was in response to a court order by a federal judge who suspended the Pentagon's policy that requires homosexual service members to keep their sexual orientation a secret, and bans recruiters and commanders from asking about it.

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By Lauren McGaughy. The groups have launched a website and promoted the hashtag BantheBible. LGBT activists aren't that obvious with their intentions yet.

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The growing, well-documented rise of anti-Semitism in the past few years in this country is disturbing. But there is something even more insidious when that discrimination comes from supposed friends. The D.

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RoomChapel Hill NC Do public policies on gay and lesbian rights affect the incidence of hate crimes based on sexual orientation? We propose that legal inequalities increase hate crimes because they provide discursive opportunities for bias, discrimination, and violence.

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Rick Santorum in urging that the U. Senate approve a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. In a conference call with reporters, Martinez, who is running radio ads across Florida supporting the ban, promised that if elected to the Senate, "I won't only be a vote, I'll be a voice on issues like this. Santorum, chief advocate of the ban on gay marriage, has endorsed Martinez and said, "Mel's ideas are very much in the mainstream of America and in the mainstream of Florida.

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Lawyers are recruiting same-sex couples who have children, putting interviews with kids as young as seven in court filings, and organizing media events featuring teenagers. And this is my family. Advocates were wary of provoking negative responses from judges and the public at a time when prevailing opinion was more likely to view children as harmed by gay marriage.

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Aussies holidaying in Indonesia with their partners could find themselves in jail if they get too amorous under a strict new law. Extramarital sex and living together outside of marriage could soon be illegal in Indonesia. Indonesia looks set to soon pass amendments to its criminal code that would make extramarital sex and living together outside of marriage in the Southeast Asian country illegal.


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