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At this point in my life, I was hiding behind MySpace angles and chest-up photos, hoping that nobody would discover what I truly was. I was and remain fat and flat. Eventually, though, I had to stop hiding that fact for myself.

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I'm impressed with some of these answers! Like others have said, big boobs aren't always necessary to look or feel attractive. Men are attracted to different body types and features.

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T he YouTube video opens with a photo of a year-old boy, painfully thin — 5 feet 7 inches, 98 pounds. His ribs and collarbones protrude. His head of dirty-blond hair, swept to one side, looks too big for his neck.

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Tried stuffing your bra with loads of tissues to fill it up a bit or maybe a lot? Well, every woman goes through that stage at least once in her teens. Not a teenager anymore?

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I want boobies! Not big ones. Just some visible ones will do niceley, thanks.

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Core Max is scientifically designed to get you the slim, sexy waistline and rock hard abs you've always wanted in just 8 minutes a day! It gives you 8 muscle burning exercises in one compact machine. We're a call, email or whatsApp message away.

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With the festive season only a few months away, this is the moment to start sculpting your legs and butt. If you would like to show off a pair of killer legs in your Christmas outfit, then start this lower body workout, specially developed for all HKM girls by ambassador Carolina! Before breaking out into a sweat, read the following tips!

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Along with a bigger, stronger chestshirt-straining arms and popping six-pack absthe want for bigger legs is one of the most common feelings for guys around the world. But it's easier said than done — especially when getting to the gym is proving troublesome or there aren't any weights available on the gym floor. Related: 5 reasons you need to do leg day. Below, with a PT's opinion, we showcase how you needn't pick up a single dumbbellbarbell or kettlebell — nor squirm under a deep barbell squat or tear a deadlift from the floor — on your journey to building bigger legs.

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But what does "great" mean? It can mean a lot of things! Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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