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Since the shafts get larger as you insert further, you can sometime feel the rather sharp flutes along the shaft slot where the fluid will be ejected from the bottle.

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The patients are in the same orientation as in Figure 10 above i.

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Benjamin referred patients to these surgeons too.

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Note the normal anatomical proximity of the vaginal and anal openings.

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One current internet source for stents is Duratek Plastics of Canada.

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This term better communicates that the surgical goal is the construction of functional female genitalia - i. Most of these prepared douches, such as the Massengill brand, have a tip that tapers down to a fairly fine end, almost to a point. Acceptance of SRS as a serious and valid treatment for transsexualism began to slowly spread among thought leaders in the U. This can become a kind of panic as the possibility of sexual intercourse as a woman begins to present itself. Burou gave his first formal public presentation on his innovative surgical technique at a major interdiciplinary conference on transsexualism held at the Stanford University Medical School. Of special interests and concern is whether postop TS women can fully experience sexual arousal and orgasm.

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