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The music biz is a difficult place: bands are sucked in and spat back out on a daily basis. Watford four-piece Lower Than Atlantis know this better than most. Everyone had kinda jumped ship and it was almost as if no one had the faith in us anymore.

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I have immeasurably more options for what I can do with my life than someone living in an oppressive dictatorship, or someone experiencing poverty in the United States. On the other hand, someone with no debt and lots of money has more options than I have. But no matter what, you still have a bottom line of freedom.

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Inthen year-old Eric McDavid was sentenced to over 19 years in prison on charges of conspiring to commit environmental terrorism. Just as improbable-seeming as McDavid's release, 10 years ahead of schedule, are the circumstances that he and his lawyers say led to his conviction in the first place: His romantic feelings for a pink-haired, year-old activist, "Anna," who spent months encouraging him and two others to join her in committing acts of eco-terrorism -- and who also happened to be a paid FBI informant. These days, the honor is held by the sovereign citizen movement.

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No one can tell you what to do! If you wanna be seen in this floral coffee mug design in public who's to stop you?? You're fabulous as fuck, work it. To celebrate your body positivity wear this cute floral mug that sure to fit into your wardrobe!

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We accept the status quo for what it is because everyone around us does. Eventually our actions, appearances, and lives become moulded by how we think other people perceive us. How are these pants going to make me look?

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L ook, I know you think the fact you feel upset or angry or anxious is important. That it matters. Hell, you probably think that because you feel like your face just got shat on makes you important.

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No matter what it is that you want to do, you will always be able to find a million and one reasons not to do it. Usually these reasons all come from one place: fear. The fear of failure, the fear of being judged, the fear of not being happy.

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Can you remember what every person you were with was wearing at the bar last night? Everybody embellishes their lives on social media, even you. Alcohol leads to bad hangovers, especially after age

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