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If you find it useful consider buying us a beer. You may also show your support by signing up to be a Club Member. It is completely waterproof and even floats.

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Although the methods and devices of the present invention are ideally suited for field or on-site testing, they can also be advantageously used in the laboratory. Reagent test papers have been in use for many years. Simple indicator papers for pH, so called litmus papers, have been in use for over a hundred years.

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This wort is coming to a boil. Already you can see a small amount of break material has formed. When most homebrewers consider pH in brewing, they think about achieving the proper mash pH. However, hitting the proper boil pH of 5.

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:. Some water processors add minerals back for flavor. BIAB Bags.

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Some maybe even know that pH can also be used to test to monitor yeast activity on a clean beer as I was told when a Pilsner I brewed last winter failed to start fermenting. I only check mash pH if I am doing something really dark or light using test stripsbut I wasn't motivated to buy a pH meter until I decided it would be fun to test my sour beers. As pH is a measure of acidity actually the concentration of hydronium ions it gives a hard number to confirm what our tongues report.

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Covers the pH range from 3 to 6 in half degree increments. Good for checking pH of meads and ok for mashing. View Cart Checkout.

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The pH of your water can make or break the brewing and winemaking processes. Make certain that you go in prepared with out selection of brewing pH meters and pH meter paper. We offer a variety of supplementary products to make certain that you know the exact pH of your water.

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If its too loud you're too young. Place I used to get colorphast strips on the cheap says they are discontinued. Anyone have a decent source?

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Related Products: Ph Strips. These time-saving, single-use indicator strips have a color-fixed test area on an easy-to-handle, durable plastic strip for fast, accurate results. Related Products: Ph Testing Strips.


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