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By Dustin Rowles Miscellaneous August 14, Mid day cable news commercials pic. This ad was surprising to me on a number of levels.

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Who is Ann Althouse? And, I'm not defending Bill Clinton, who probably deserved to stand trial for his depredations. How did you arrive at this juncture?

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If somebody would have told me a couple years ago that I would have a column in the Lantern, I would not have had trouble believing it. Give a monkey a typewriter and a couple of years, and even he could come up with something halfway readable. If that same person would have told me that in one of my columns I would be discussing the media coverage of the penis of the President of the United States of America, I would have asked them what they were smoking; and then proceeded to bum some.

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Roger Clinton talking about cocaine caught on an FBI surveillance tape of Dan Lasater - "I've got to get some of this for my brother because he has a nose like a vacuum cleaner. It is always a good idea to have a coke-head on the nuclear button. Keeps the enemy guessing.

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British scientists stabilised Pisa's famous leaning tower. Now British doctors have devised a solution for a more delicate angle of deviation. Hi-tech relief is now available for the thousands of men suffering from Peyronie's disease, the bent-penis syndrome that reportedly affects Bill Clinton, the former US president.

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Every American president has had a penis. The possession of a generative member is, in fact, the one trait they all share. Some have been Whigs, some Democrats, and some Republicans.

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History of pain while erect, or less commonly pain while flaccid, or both 2. A mass or nodule of foreign scar tissue located below the surface of the penis shaft, detected by manual palpation or ultrasound examination 3. Structural deviation of the shaft of the penis during erection, bending or curvature, hourglass, bottleneck, rotation or torque, or indentation deformity 4.

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WE MAY expect some impressive contenders for quote of the year. Pol Pot's "my conscience is clear" and Tony Blair's "people's princess" will no doubt be there or thereabouts. But the winner, if only by a short head, must surely be this one from Robert Bennet, President Clinton's lawyer in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit:.

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I first heard of Peyronie's Disease way back in college, though I didn't then know its name. A dorm neighbor came back from a big-city sexual adventure with an older man, and when we pressed her for juicy details, she crooked her index finger into a hook and shared the perplexing news that this was the geometry of his arousal. Years later came Bill Clinton's sexual scandals, and rumors that his paramours could describe a telltale bend in the president's erect anatomy.

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While hilarious, references to the 'saggometer' and to 'Hansons Grappler' seem to have been inserted for entertainment purposes. Isn't this article supposed to provide accurate information about a medical condition? I really doubt their value here!


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