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Water went up my nose and I watched the bubbles leak to the surface.

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She also picked up a set of anal beads which she obviously decided would come in handy at some point.

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My skirt masked him from view except for his legs so I began to manouvre myself so that I could undo the zip and get rid of it.

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I took a really deep breath and headed for the bottom of the pool.

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When we were all settled Sue began her tale: "The most bizarre sex sessions I've had was also one of the most exciting.

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He powerfully pulled me to the bottom and I felt his lips meet mine. He reached behind me and undid the clasp to my bra and my tits floated free. When I came it was in a cascade of bubbles. By the time I had come up and gone under for the fourth time my technique was faultless and I was much more at home. He came up for air again and I kissed him passionately.

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