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You were beginning to grow frustrated with how easily he seemed to turn you into an incoherent mess.

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You wriggle your hips in his direction, encouraging him to come over without words.

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You groan into the sheets as his probably painful erection brushes against you once again, you decide to have mercy on both of your by reaching back and snapping and pulling on his zipper, you allow his cock to slip out of his pants.

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You gasp and stop walking immediately, your face heating up before a smug grin crept up to your lips upon the realization that he might like those pants a little more than you thought.

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You swing a leg over his lap to sit sideways and try to pry his arms from around you. His meaty hands are already tugging at your shirt, and you almost let him strip it off, but instead, you push his insistent fingers away from your hemline and press one last chaste kiss on his soft lips and turn around. Well, laundry with Luda Mae was still a must, so you went about your morning hanging clothes up on the clothesline and making small talk with her. Sooo I disappeared again, sorry about that guys! Gaining the confidence you needed from his quiet whimpers and groans into your neck and shoulder, you pull out of his reach once again.

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