Lobular breast cancer bilateral

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The first time Leigh Pate heard the term was when she got a phone call from her doctor following a series of diagnostic tests. By the end of her treatment and recovery, she not only knew what lobular breast cancer was, she was determined to shine a spotlight on this idiosyncratic subtype. But lobular presents differently, it behaves differently and it has different subtypes and variants.

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Correspondence Address : Dr. The occurrence of bilateral breast cancer is rare. A second primary in the contralateral breast can either be synchronous or metachronous.

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Invasive lobular carcinoma is a type of breast cancer that begins in the milk-producing glands lobules of the breast. Invasive cancer means the cancer cells have broken out of the lobule where they began and have the potential to spread to the lymph nodes and other areas of the body. Invasive lobular carcinoma makes up a small portion of all breast cancers. The most common type of breast cancer begins in the breast ducts invasive ductal carcinoma.

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The histology and clinical records of 52 patients with bilateral breast cancer recorded in a community tumor registry were reviewed. Previous studies have demonstrated the propensity of lobular carcinoma to occur bilaterally. This view is supported by the large number of lobular cancers found in our patients.

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Contralateral breast cancer is either a metastatic lesion or the second primary cancer. From biological and therapeutic viewpoints, it is important to differentiate metastatic lesions from second primary cancer in bilateral breast cancer. Based on Chaudary's histological criteria, we analysed the tumors in 14 and 27 patients with synchronous and metachronous bilateral breast cancers with full histological and biological evaluations.

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Invasive lobular and ductal carcinomas differ with respect to risk factors. Invasive lobular carcinoma is more strongly associated with exposure to female hormones, and therefore its incidence is more subject to variation. Similarly, invasive lobular carcinoma is more strongly associated with early menarche, late menopause and late age at first birth.

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The lobules of the breast produce milk. Indeed invasive, or infiltrating lobular breast cancer is much less common than ductal carcinoma. Upon infiltration the cellular pattern often appears as rows of cells scattered randomly, but no more than one or two cells wide. I just want to let you know that we have a newer version of this page, with more up-to-date information on infiltrating lobular carcinomas.

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Lobular breast cancer, also called invasive lobular carcinoma ILCoccurs in the breast lobes or lobules. Lobules are the areas of the breast that produce milk. ILC is the second most common type of breast cancer.

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Infiltrating or invasive lobular carcinoma ILC of the breast is the second most common type of invasive breast cancer after invasive ductal carcinoma IDC "not otherwise specified" NOS. The mean age at presentation may be higher than for IDC. ILC is characterized microscopically by malignant monomorphic cells forming linear invasive columns that are loosely dispersed note: IDC is more typically a discrete mass.


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