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Longarm is based in Colorado in the s and focuses on the sexual and law enforcement exploits of U. While solving crimes, Longarm also finds time in each novel to bed a number of beautiful ladies. The details tend to be as cheesy as they are erotic.

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As our own Lorin Stein wrote in. In a career that spanned barely a decade—the s and early s—Maupassant produced some stories, articles, three travel books, a collection of poems, three plays, and six novels, and the bulk of this production was consumed with the pursuit of illicit sex. His specialty was the conte lestea kind of bawdy comic story we have very little of in English after Chaucer think Boccaccio or The Arabian Nights.

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I actually have that song on one of my many recordings of early music, but sung much more cheerfully. Your new novel sounds wonderful, will it be out soon? Sue, no, but it sounds wonderful!

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This was recorded long ago by Grace Moore with a sumptuous Hollywood orchestration, and its surge of ecstatic, not to say erotic, melody comes as a welcome reminder that the Tchaikovsky of Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake could occasionally make himself felt in his songs. For the most part these are angst-ridden stories of death and lost love. Everyone conceivable from Rosa Ponselle to Frank Sinatra has recorded this, but Stotijn loses nothing in comparison with ghosts from the past.

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This web version of The Singing Bourgeois: Songs of the Victorian Drawing Room and Parlor 2nd edition, appears with the permission of the author and the publishers of the print edition, Ashgate. George P. Landow created this online version, formatting the text and adding links and images.

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Music hall is a type of British theatrical entertainment that was popular from the early Victorian erabeginning around It ended, arguably, after the First World Warwhen the halls rebranded their entertainment as variety. Music hall involved a mixture of popular songs, comedy, speciality actsand variety entertainment.

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Seeing and hearing A Field in England 's Richard Glover sing "Baloo, My Boy" while in bedraggled character reminded me of the power often exerted by songs explicitly or implicitly germane to a movie's narrative. They tend to have far greater resonance than songs added during post-production to build atmosphere, stoke emotions, or sell soundtrack albums, not that there aren't stirring examples of extra-diegetic songs: Tex Ritter's "The Ballad of High Noon", "The Windmills of Your Mind" in the The Thomas Crown Affair"I Wanna Be Adored" in Welcome to Sarajevoand "Skyfall", to name four at random. To test the theory that songs enhance drama, I omitted songs from musicals and comedies with musical numbers calculated to entertain and films about music industry folk too easywhich means pop and rock got short shrift.

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The 10 most x-rated records Some were deemed a threat to public morals, others might harm national security. Je t'aime moi non plus by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin Arch provocateur Gainsbourg had scored several racy hit duets in France with national icon Brigitte Bardot his then loverbut global infamy arrived only after his coupling with Birkin, a gamine 20 years his junior and the true love of his life. Setting his salacious, Gauloise stained drawl against Birkin's orgasmic panting and a doodling baroque organ borrowed from his classically trained youth, 'Je T'Aime' was the pop equivalent of an Emmanuelle movie.

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Inin response to many requests, mostly from Kiwis living overseas, I started adding more old Maori songs, and the odd new one. These have proved to be very popular, and so this website has changed its focus in recent years. Home - Search website - More Maori songs.

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Composer Howard Goodall looks at the period when modernism in music arrived, and when the birth of recorded sound changed the way music was heard forever. Browse content similar to The Age of Rebellion. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more!


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