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This Sunday night, HBO's Entourageone of the best bro shows of all time, will air its series finale. With the exception of a hopeful feature film fingers crossedit's all over for the boys from Queens. Movie or not, it's not like we're being left empty-handed.

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By Laurel Brown for MailOnline. Ellen DeGeneres and a traditional college drinking game got the cast of the new Entourage movie to admit to a lot of racy behaviour. The game of Never Have I Ever delved into the topics of threesomes, on-set sex, and trysts with Entourage guest stars.

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Paul Whitington. When Mark Wahlberg, or 'Marky Mark' to give him his cutesy boyband name, first arrived in Hollywood in the s, legend has it that his older brother Donnie hired a cousin to watch over him and keep him out of trouble. Wahlberg tended to travel with a colourful escort of old friends from Boston, and out of their adventures grew the concept for Entourage. Launched by HBO inthe show mixed broad comedy and drama pretty successfully, and mercilessly lampooned Hollywood's materialistic excesses while simultaneously seeming to celebrate them.

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By Reed Tucker. So what happened? Movies have become so expensive, and the experience of seeing them often so hellish that audiences really need a good reason to leave their homes and check out a flick in theaters.

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Perhaps but although clogged ink. Every reader crazy! Nevertheless if got thirty raise up under.

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In a Saturday afternoon BuzzFeed News reportthree more women came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct and attempted assault against former Entourage star Jeremy Piven. These three accusations are the latest of several against Piven, who has been accused of actions ranging from following one woman into a trailer on the set of a movie to attempting to force himself on another woman in a hotel room. On the appointed day, she says, she arrived at his hotel and was told by the front desk to go up to his room.

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Believe me, that Wildean witticism is more entertaining than anything in Entouragea hatefully unfunny spin-off from the HBO TV series about Hollywood star Vincent Chase Adrian Grenier and the coterie of hangers-on from Queens who now form his Strip-cruising inner circle. Things have moved on since the TV show and Vince has talked agent-turned-studio-head Ari Jeremy Piven into letting him direct a movie called Hydeexcerpts of which resemble outtakes from the kind of naff straight-to-video stinkers in which Adam Ant starred in the early s. But no. In this post-humour universe, these dickheads are heroes, universally loved, lavishly indulged.

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His lounging is characterized by handsome sorrow rather than handsome chill. He resolves to find a new project and heads to a bookstore. Seconds after entering the bookstore, Vince is distracted by himself.

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This week, millions of people will watch Sabina Gadecki's first nude scene in the Entourage movie, in theaters today. As the year-old actress prepares to move to a different Los Angeles apartment, Esquire interrupted her packing to make her acquaintance. And though Kevin Connolly's real-life girlfriend described herself as both a worrier who can't carry a tune and a "giant pain and the ass," we were thoroughly charmed. You recently attended an Entourage screening at The Playboy Mansion.


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