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Once he explained everything, the line went silent until Melinda said, "You have another chance to find a purpose.

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As Brennan reported his story, he spoke often to Anna Hiatt.

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What he kept saying was, 'Guys I know are probably going to come after me,' which I didn't really believe.

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When I asked whether her superiors talked about removing the men involved, she guessed at their thinking: "It'd be too many spots to fill if they ask the men to leave.

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Inside the Nude Photo Scandal That Rocked The Marine Corps

Judy, meanwhile, continues to work among the same Marines who posted about her on Facebook. But it arrived during the implementation of two major changes within the organization, timing that suggests a broader significance. But the infantry culture she wanted to join was all male. He imagined her growing up without him, and what it would be like for her to find out that her father had quit on himself. In April, some of the images were put up for sale on Alpha Bay, an untraceable online marketplace on the so-called Dark Web. He wrote that he had registered a complaint with the company that employed, through a subcontractor, a member of Marines United.

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